Black Ink Ginger Pasta

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All about black

I made this pasta about two months ago.  I made it before our lives hit a surreal reality after hurricane Maria.  One month ago.  I’m glad that I didn’t have the chance to publish it before though because it looks kind of spooky so it’s perfect for a low key Halloween dinner. Not gross weird things over your table, just the right amount of black and little spooky sea monsters.

Since this shooting was way before Maria I will share my story on that later.  The aftermath of that is yet being written.  Too many emotions that are still too fresh.  Too many uncertainties about the near future.  Even next weekend could be a complete surprise.  That’s how your mind starts to live when you had to leave everything at your home, putting your life behind and on hold.  When you’re waking up in another city with no date of returning.  And still I know I’m extremely fortunate.  My family and me are safe and ok.  My situation right now is just logistics.

So this post is about this delicious black pasta.  To give ink pasta a well deserved break from the traditional tomato sauce.  It’s extremely easy and after you taste how delicious roasted seafood is you will be making it every time.  See you soon!

Recipe notes:

1.  This pasta swims in a brothy sauce, not the typical thick or creamy sauce.

2. After you tried roasted seafood you will want to make them this way all the time. Use the temperature and steps given here to make your own creations.

3. Cooking with fresh pasta make this dish extremely simple and fast because of its short cooking time.  If using dry pasta, use the direction’s cooking time and adjust your preparation order.  You can start with the pasta and then make the sauce and seafood.

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Black Ink Ginger Pasta with Shrimps


Chicken broth – 1 cup
Soy sauce – 3 TBSP
Ground ginger – ½ Tsp
Freshly grated ginger – 1 Tsp
Fish sauce – 1 ½ Tsp
Sriracha sauce (Tabasco for a milder spice) – ½ Tsp or a bit more
Fine sea salt – good pinch


Roasted seafood


Mix of small seafood (mussels, shrimps, scallops, etc.), thawed, washed and prepared to be cook – 1 to 2 pounds
Grated ginger – 1 TBSP
Sesame oil – 2 TBSP
Rice vinegar – 2 Tsp
Freshly ground garlic – ½ Tsp
Soy sauce – 2 Tsp
Fish sauce – 1 Tsp
Fine sea salt - ⅛ Tsp
Pinch of raw sugar
Bunch of scallions, roughly chopped

Black ink pasta

Black ink fresh fettuccine – 12 to 16 oz.
Fine sea salt – about 4 Tsp


To make the Sauce:  In a deep skillet combine all the ingredients and boil for 1 minute.  Lower down the heat and simmer for about 8 to 10 extra minutes, until you are ready to put in the pasta and roasted seafood.

To make the Roasted Seafood: Preheat oven to 425°.

In a medium bowl mix all the ingredients except the seafood.  Add in the seafood and mix once more, until all pieces are well covered with the sauce.  Place in a baking sheet and roast for 7 minutes.  Retire form oven and reserve with any remaining juice.

To make the pasta: In a medium pot boil 3 cups of water with the salt.  Throw in the pasta and cook for 3 to 4 minutes or 1 minute less than the package instructions.

Increase the heat of the skillet with the sauce to medium.  Using a pasta spoon transfer the noodles to the skillet with the sauce.  Cook for one to two minutes more.  Incorporate the roasted seafood with any of its remaining liquid and cook for an extra minute. Serve immediately, pouring over the pasta some of the gingery broth.

Black Ink Pasta