Cherry Jelly Mini Hand Pies with Salted Hibiscus Glaze

cherry jelly hand pies

What Goes Around

These are really Mariana’s mini hand pies! Cherry jelly mini hand pies with salted hibiscus glaze. She can’t actually eat these because she doesn't chew and they would be a total mess if I try to mash them for her, but they have her name written all over the place. She happens to LOVE cherry jelly, loves butter in almost everything and she’s pink! Even though she’s not able to eat everything I make, I love the idea of using her favorite flavors to come up with new recipes. It’s a way to make sure she’s present in everything I do. And since she’s by my side during lots of shooting sessions, it’s nice for her to see how the things she loves inspire me everyday.

(Wow! I was developing my next line where I was going to tell you that I used to love cherry pop tarts when I suddenly realized maybe that’s why she loves cherry jelly so much!! Who knows, hehe!)

I happened to eat cherry pop tarts a lot when I was pregnant. I would woke up just a bit after midnight famished as if I haven't eaten in the whole day and would grab a cherry pop tart, which became at the time my rigorous 2:00 am snack. I would eat it in my bed with my side lamp on while glaring at nothing or reading something actually printed, because there were no smart phones or Instagram in 2003. Aww, simpler times!

That’s why, when I spotted a frozen pie dough lying on my freezer the other day and had no agenda for it, I decided it was time to make one of the easiest treats; mini jelly hand pies. And since cherry jelly jars are a staple in this home, cherry jelly hand pies will be.

This is my basic pie dough recipe. I happened to have an extra full recipe of dough that I didn’t get to use when I made a few of this recipe for my Pumpkin Pie exhibition class at Williams Sonoma. I only used one disc (half recipe) here and I got 15 hand pies. That means of course that a crostata will be happening soon with the remaining disc.

For the glaze, I just mixed one cup of sifted powdered sugar with a few tablespoons of a strong hibiscus tea brew. That’s how I got that pretty pink color. Anyway, check all my tips on how to make a simple glaze if you want to get creative with the color or flavor.

I hope you can make this soon! They are ideal for afternoon snacks or quick but sweet breakfasts cravings!

Recipe notes:

1.     Check my How to Make a Pie Guide for lots of tips on how to manage the dough.

2.     Since you are making mini hand pies, it is ok to re-knead and re-roll the left over dough to make more pies.

3.     Make space in your freezer to place the pies for freezing before placing them in the oven.

4.     Wait until they are a bit cool to glaze them, otherwise the glaze will melt.

5.     The touch of French grey salt is completely optional.

cherry jelly hand pies 4.jpg

Cherry Jelly Mini Hand Pies

Mini Hand Pies
Dough – 1 full recipe of my Pie Crust
Cherry Jelly – 1 Tsp per pie, about ¾ cup
Egg + a bit of water or any milk for egg wash
Extra raw sugar for sprinkling the top of the pie

Hibiscus Glaze

Powdered sugar, sifted – 1 cup
Strong hibiscus tea brew – 3 to 5 TBSP
French grey salt granules – a few pinches for the top

About 15 mini hand pies
Total time - 3 hours Active time - 30 minutes
Equipment - Food processor, rolling pin, 3” round cookie cutter, parchment paper, pastry brush

To make the dough:  Prepare two baking trays with parchment paper or a silicon mat.

Roll one of the disks over a dry and well-floured flat surface until it is a bit less of ⅛” thick. Using a 3” round cookie, biscuit or pie cutter, cut as much circles as you can.

Prick without perforating a circle. Pour about a teaspoon of jelly in the center, taking care it doesn’t spread. Prick another circle and place it on top of the jelly, careful not to press it. Using a fork firmly press and seal around the edge of the dough. You may use a bit of water on the fork so it doesn't stick to the fork. Place the mini pie on the parchment paper or silicon mat placed in the baking tray. Repeat with the rest of the dough circles. You may knead together and re-roll the remaining dough and repeat the process to get more mini hand pies.

Place baking sheet on the freezer for 20 minutes.

Preheat oven to 400°. Prepare your egg wash by mixing a beaten egg with a teaspoon of water or any milk.

Brush each mini hand pie with the egg wash and sprinkle PLENTY of sugar on top. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until the pies are yellow golden brown and the crust feels firm if you poke it. Mine took 20 minutes but they could have used an extra 2 minutes for a crispier crust. The color would have been darker of course.

Let them cool down before pouring the glaze on top.

To make the glaze:  Start by whisking 1 tablespoon of tea with the sugar. When the sugar gets dry add a second one and mix again. Repeat until you get desire consistency. I used about 4 tablespoon to keep my glaze thick. Remember to check my How to Make a Simple Glaze guide for lots of tips and ideas.

cherry jelly hand pies