Raw Strawberry Syrup

strawberry syrup

No strawberry left behind

You know that moment? When you have eaten your box of strawberries just half way thru and suddenly they are already way too ripe? There’s lots of things that you can make with super ripe strawberries before throwing them away, like adding some to your smoothies or throwing them over a buttery pie dough for a quick galette. But if you want to have that summery strawberry flavor every day you should make this sweet strawberry syrup.

Since the strawberries were not cooked, the flavor of this syrup is more floral than sweet. This strawberry syrup will last for weeks thanks to the sugar and lime juice, because it’s kind of a pickling liquid. That means you can make a second batch and mix it with the syrup you have after it’s done.

After that ruby red syrup is done you can pour it in almost anything! Over ice cream it’s definitely a must; over pancakes or French toasts for a mellow Sunday breakfast; or to dip donuts or biscuits at any time of the day!

strawberry syrup 2.jpg

Raw Strawberry Syrup

Strawberries, leaves removed – 2 cups
Raw sugar – 2 TBSP
Freshly squeezed lime juice – the juice of half lime
Lime zest – zest of half lime

Mix all the ingredients and chill in the fridge for two days for an extra thick syrup. Discard the strawberries and reserve any leftover syrup to mix with a new batch.