What is raw sugar anyway?


In my quest to use the most natural ingredients, I started to use raw sugar a few years ago. What is raw sugar anyway? Well, raw sugar is the most natural cane sugar you can get. It is basically the meet me half way between the virgin cane juice and the white refined sugar that you will commonly find everywhere. It really stays more on the virgin side, so lets say it’s the meet me at ⅓ of the way.

The cane juice is dehydrated until a rock forms, then it is granulated to raw sugar. The cane juice naturally has lots of minerals and antioxidants. Therefore, the raw granules keep a good amount of those naturally. White sugar on the other hand has been bleached and depleted of its natural properties through whitening and lots of chemical processes. So even though in terms of calories both are the same, I prefer my sugar not chemically processed and at least providing me some good things. It’s a literal case of have your cake and eat it too!

Brown sugar is just white plain sugar with molasses added and then dehydrated again. I know you may have heard people referring to raw sugar as brown sugar but the reality is that you can’t use brown sugar and raw sugar interchangeably, especially in baking. Brown sugar has its own goodness to bring to the table when baking, but these two ingredients yield completely different results.

I use raw sugar instead of white sugar all the time. In this case you can substitute one for another without problem. When baking, I like to grind the raw sugar a bit so the granules size is more like the size of white sugar granules to achieve a more consistent crumb. In this post I talked a bit more about how to use raw sugar for baking.

The more you know!