Super Healthy and Good-for-You Coconut Milk

Last week I shared on my Facebook page’s recipe for an antidepressant, debloating and weigh-loss boosting coconut milk made with turmeric and other good-for-you ingredients.   All my followers went crazy for it, so I decided to give it a try and share my recipe with you guys.  I swap the cardamom for cinnamon, added just a bit of organic vanilla Greek yogurt for some protein and to get a frothier consistency and used freshly grated ginger because in this house we love it and I always use fresh ginger in my tea.  Also, I used my Nutri-Bullet to make sure everything was completely mixed.  Happy to report that it turned out creamy and super delicious, so all of its health benefits are definitely bonus points for us!!

Coconut, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon milk
Ingredients per glass
(Adapted from

Organic light coconut milk – 1 cup
Ground turmeric – ½ Tsp
Freshly grated ginger – 1 Tsp
Ground cinnamon – ¼ Tsp
Honey – 1 Tsp
Organic vanilla Greek yogurt – 1 TBSP

Pour the milk in the cup of a small blender (Nutri-Bullet, Magic-Bullet, etc.).  Add the rest of the ingredients and combine for less than a minute, just enough to dissolve the honey and other ingredients into the milk.  Chill for 30 minutes before drinking or add some ice to it after mixing.

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