Creamy Almond Milk

We crossed pathways with almond milk thanks to Mariana's intolerances and allergies.  And I'm not saying "thanks" in a funny sarcastic way.  We're really happy to have brought home this delicious beverage that not only is so good for my daughter, is has also been highly appreciated by the rest of us.  Besides juice, this is the only thing Mariana drinks.  My husband now does his daily oatmeal with it.  And I could not think on doing my morning hot chocolate without having that creamy texture only homemade almond milk gives.  So even though I sometimes bought it at the supermarket, every now and then I like to make my own batch.  It is so much higher in proteins, so much silkier and creamer, and with just the necessary things on it.  So make your own and have a glass with me!

The ideal ratio to make almond milk should be 1:2 almonds to liquids.  But since I have the tendency to always do things not quite by the book ; ), for 4 cups of milk I used just 3 ¾ cups of water to make it even creamier, but if you prefer a runnier consistency you could use 4 cups instead.

Creamy Almond Milk
4 cups or 32 oz.
Time – 15 minutes + 8 hours of overnight soaking
Equipment – Blender, nut milk bag

 Whole almonds (not roasted, no salt or sugar added)– 2 cups
Distilled or filtered water – Around 2 cups slighly warmed to cover the almonds + 3 ¾ to 4 cups to do the milk
Vanilla pod– 1 whole, cut in pieces
Vanilla Extract – ½ Tsp if using the pod, 1 Tsp if not
Natural raw sugar – 2 TBSP
Fine sea salt – 1 good pinch

In a medium bowl cover the almonds with the warm water, leaving 1” of water over them.  Let them soak for 8 hour or overnight.

Rinse well the almonds and place them in the blender with the vanilla pod pieces (if using), vanilla extract, sugar and salt.  Blend at high speed for 3 to 4 minutes, until the almonds and vanilla pod look completly crushed.

Place the nut milk bag in a deep bowl or a big measuring cup.  Pour some of the milk on the bag and strongly squeeze to get out the most liquid possible.  Repeat with the remaining milk, until you finish straining the whole milk.  Store in a glass bottle for up to 4 or 5 days.

You can use the grinded almonds on cake or pancake batters, yogurt, on top of cereal or smoothies.  They can be frozen for a couple of months and you don’t need to thaw before using them!