Hello Dear Darlings

Welcome to plum! I’m Dev Amadeo and I’m Mariana’s mom. For the last 15 years, since she was born, I’ve been taking care of Mariana’s nutrition 100%. My daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder called Aicardi-Goutierres that mainly affects her neurological system. Don’t get fooled though, she’s a teenager, remember? She will roll her eyes at me at any time she pleases to.

This life experience made me particularly interested in learning more about how nutrients in food could impact her development and well being. Not only hers, but all of us in the family as well. Suddenly I found myself smitten with the power of real foods.  Among all the things I had to learn through years of courses and self-education, from physical and nutritional development programs to creating educational materials, I found myself enjoying cooking her meals the most.

I started to feel I was having a real crush on the kitchen because I never got bothered with cooking. When I was once even considering paying the $40,000 of cooking school just to create better dishes for my family I knew I was into something real, more than a hobby or a cool trend to follow. But no, I didn’t end up going to cooking school.  The truth is being the parent of a brain injured little girl was the best cooking school I could ever have. What began as a chore eventually evolved as a deep passion in my heart.

You know when you are having such a good moment you want the world to see it?! I was aiming to turn everyday foods into wonderful and nourishing meals and I wanted to let people know that if I was doing it, ANYBODY that wanted could do it to. Seriously! That’s why I decided to start this blog.

Now I love to share recipes and ideas for the modern gourmet kitchen. Create recipes that feel current yet so comfortingYou know what? It only takes a few clever kitchen tricks under our sleeves to recreate a cozy mood, a warm feeling or just to invent another story. I want you to feel that empowerment with food. All the time.

So be my guest and enjoy all the content here! I promise you it has been created with a lot of love and good energy for you. And never hesitate to ask me anything about your cooking journey. You can get lost browsing the RECIPE INDEX to find your next meal. Also get on board and subscribe to The Newsletter to keep up with new recipes and new ideas for you.

The kitchen is not a mysterious place, let me tell you that. On the contrary, it’s where many adventures, happiness and our own well being begins.

Leave me a comment or just say hi through dev@devamadeo.com.